SchizoWhat? - My Life With Schizophrenia

I was eight years old when my dad was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I am now 22, so this illness has played a major role in my life. While there have been a lot of hard times dealing with my dad and his schizophrenia, there have also been wonderful times. I strongly believe that his illness shaped me as a person.
Even though I never felt forced to by my family, I kept my dad's schizophrenia a secret. Each time I had the opportunity to correct someone's misconceptions about it, I kept my mouth shut. Every time somebody used the word "schizo" to negatively describe something, it hurt.
Stigma surrounding schizophrenia is a lasting hurt. When I started this project, I had only told five people about my dad's schizophrenia. Each time I have spoken up and explained what it was, I felt empowered. By speaking out about our connections to schizophrenia, we can work to correct the misconceptions and stigma around it. We can also bond together over our shared experiences.

Spread the Word

Let's talk about schizophrenia. By opening up about our experiences with this mental illness (as those diagnosed, family, friends, etc.) we combat misconceptions and the stigma perpetuated by the media. Join. Contribute. Share.

Who Should Contribute?

Anyone with a personal connection to schizophrenia. Those that have been diagnosed, or family and friends. Each contribution will help in truthfully representing this illness.

What Should I Share?

Anything you feel comfortable sharing about your experiences with schizophrenia. Public misconceptions that bother you, stories of stigma. It could be a poem, lyrics, or other work of expression.
Join us or other communities centered around schizophrenia like Schiz Life and put a positive spin on your perspective. Speak up, reach out, and let others know that schizophrenia is just a normal thing for many of us and nothing to be afraid of!

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